just came back from this year student camp
its super duper fun!
althou in sku but
its not where you are at tht matters
its the people that were there wif you tht matters

im glad to say i had some awesome groupmates
and group leaders too=)

my group 费玉清hor
comprises of all the coooool ppl like:

cheesoon - smallboss
benjamin - muscleman
samuel yap - the smart boy
hongkai - the ziao sia singer
chim - the owner of hongkong foot
les - the smelly mouth
boh - the love expert!
sean - the guy who flicks his wrist whole day long
yuwen - the movie supplier
liangkai - the thinker
yanjing - the sausage brother
xingkai - the longhand monkey
guanxiang - DIAO GE, NI DIAO BU DIAO?
bryan - the lemon laksa tomato eater
william - the millionare
kaien - the handsome boy
and lastly me - the....blabla
i dunno la u ownself help me fill in the blanks

shall not go into the camp details
cos somethings hor
no need say out 1
the 17 of us noe
and remember can liao

now time to post some pics
shall post a few group photo only
cos this yr really take too much pic liao
i scared this blog explode sia
here goes

I Say费玉U Say清!
费玉! 清!
费玉! 清!
费玉! 费玉! 费玉!
清! 清! 清!